Depression Is A Disease

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Many people in this world sometimes do not know that they are suffering from depression. Some people take depression as common routine feelings. Anger is sometimes considered as a sign of bad temper but in actuality these people are depressed in real life. They are suffering from any unusual feelings and emotions. These emotions are not with normal people. Depressed person feels lonelier than a common person feels. A common person in tension just thinks about giving up life but a depressed person takes this thought more seriously.

 Depression is real but some people do not take it seriously. They never consult this with any doctor. Some common symptoms are:

Symptoms of depression:

  • A person feels sad and has depression and anxiety.
  • A depressed person loses interest in routine and feels less pleasure in occasional and parties.
  • Change in appetite is also a sign of depression. Depressed person sometimes eats allots while sometimes he feels less appetite.
  • Depress person also feels trouble in sleeping; sometimes they feel insomnia while on other hand some depressed persons suffer from hyper insomnia.
  • Fatigue is also a sign of depression. Without any work if you feel fatigue and less energetic that it is a sign of depression.
  • Depressed people feel themselves less inferior than others and also guilty. A worthlessness for itself is also a sign of depression.
  • Human body also behaves abnormally in depression. Capability of mind and body also decreases due to depression and anxiety.
  • Thinking ability is also affected by depression. A depressed person feels difficulty in thinking and also in making decisions.
  • Thought of death and suicide is also common and extreme level of depression.
  • Depression leads to many diseases like brain tumour, heart attack, nervous breakdown and also brain haemorrhage also caused by depression. Every year many adult commits suicide due to depression and anxiety. New generation means adults are the most suffered community of depression.

Depression is caused due to unemployment, losing a loved one, bullying and also any other major incident in life. Depression causes a person hopeless and a normal person starts living in an abnormal environment. Dealing with depression is not less than a war and a successful person gives the gift of a new and better life. In short depression is cancer of emotion and mental health and it should be eliminated from society that you should go to right depression counselling . Depression is a treatable disease and it should be treated by professionals.

Fragmental Counselling and psychological service is a leading service in Australia. This service consists of several trusted psychologists and professionals. They are professional in their field and their motto is to sweep out depression from Australia. They do depression counselling and also prescribe some medication as well as some meditation and deep relax exercise. By anxiety counselling Fragmental Counselling and psychological service helps depression patients to cope with depression. Depression is not a permanent disease. A better depression counselling helps patients to reduce the effect of depression.